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Alexis De Girolami

I am a graduate of the University of Florida where I studied Digital Arts and Sciences, a major which places a focus on bridging the gap between computer science and art. I also have recieved my Master's of Science in Interactive entertainment at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) at the University of Central Florida. I have worked as a Game Designer for Zynga, first on Castleville as a content designer, and later on a number of unannounced IPs in web and mobile-Midcore.

I am a designer with an interest in creating unique, innovative narratives. I have a love for great storytelling in games and creating new and exciting worlds in which to tell them. Creativity and a broad base of technical knowledge are are my greatest tools and I value using both in every aspect of my work.

Outside of games, I am an avid reader and creative writer, artist, and tennis player. I love to travel and spent some time abroad in Japan during college, taking classes about Japanese culture. I have hopes to do more traveling in the years to come and to eventually stop completely whiffing overheads in my tennis matches.